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How to Use a PBX Phone System

A PBX telephone system is by its very design very easy to use. The entire point of a private branch exchange system or a PBX    is to facilitate more efficient multiple line communication. You will see that most modern businesses have installed some form or other of a private branch exchange system. This also depends on the actual size of the business in question, by definition and design, the larger the business, the bigger and more elaborate the private branch exchange system will be. Nevertheless no matter the size of the private branch exchange the way that the system functions and operates remains largely the same.

PBX Phone System

PBX Phone SystemAt the very heart of any private branch exchange lays the switchboard. This is where all the extensions meet up and are then in turn connected to a public switching network. This is a very important point to note as without the public switching network, no private branch exchange can function. It ids the combination of the private branch exchange switchboard and the public switching network that make it possible for the company to either make outgoing telephone calls, or indeed, receive incoming telephone calls.

The way that the PBX works in practice is in fact very easy, this is the whole idea behind the design and function of the private branch exchange, to facilitate incoming and outgoing calls over multiple lines through a single exchange point and as quick and easy as possible. Any personnel who wishes to either make or receive calls through the private branch exchange needs to first of all be connected to the exchange itself. This is quite a simple process and usually requires the private branch exchange service provider creating an appropriate extension for that particular user. Once this has happened all that the end user needs to do is dial the number. Once the number has been dialled a connection is then made through the private branch exchange switchboard to the public switching network and the call is then made. This of course all happens in a matter of seconds and the user is not even aware of all of these steps.

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